Welcome to DALEY Fine Art Silver

After much encouragement by artists, clients, family, and friends we made the plunge and changed our name. We are very excited about it, because it means as we move forward we will continue to bring more family members into the team. And, our former name seemed to become more common and we didn’t want to be lost in the crowd.

Jan Daley will continue to be head artistic designer, and because of our growth she now has some assistance with the finishing of her pieces. Jan would like to extend appreciation and gratitude for all the continuing encouragement, patronage, and interest shown in her work.

Please join Jan Daley at Reflections West Summer Art Show in the Calgary Hyatt Regency during the Calgary Stampede.
We welcome and encourage your feedback about our new site and the pieces you view in our Gallery.
Drop us a line on the site or at jan@daleyfineartsilver.ca
Thanks again everyone.
Jan Daley